Friday, 28 November 2008

I'm so happy!!!!!!!!!!!

I passed my procedures exam!!!!!!!

I picked the CPR and the emergency trolley.I didn't want it,I was dreading I didn't remember all the medication-what they were for.But I got through them pretty well.And the rest of emergency equipmentand the theory questions.Whoohoo!

One of my friend's failed her test,she mixed up to medications which is not good.I know of two other girls who failed injections today -mostly the theory part.And I know several who failed yesterday too.So all these have to re-take the exam on 11th Dec.

I'm so happy I don't have to.Instead I can consentrate for my other exam,patology and farmacology in 2+ weeks.

Hugs MayK

PS. You can look at my pictures from training for the exam HERE

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Crazycatlaydee said...

Was unsure where to post this, I couldnt use your shout box :( never mind!!!
Please pop by my blog I have left something there for you!!!
Thank you for your awesome tutorials!!
Hugz crazycatlaydee xoxo