Sunday, 27 July 2008

A farewell party

A co-worker and a friend of mine is moving to the Stavanger area, so she had a farewell party yesterday. Solveig's husband got a job in Stavanger, so he has tried the job for three months to see if he liked the job and he did. So now Solveig and their kids are moving too. Solveig's last day at work (we work in a nursing home) is on 10th of Aug, so it's going fast now. She had a nice BBQ party (later we had some cheese and fruit) with some light drinking LOL. I took it easy since I'm working the evening tonight. Though, I did have a bit of her strawberry coctail, it was so good. It contained a white wine and Mozell (kind of like a non-alcohol cider), so I didn't get much alcohol in my system. We had a wonderful time eating, talking and a lot of laughing. I went home at 1am, some of the other ladies went to a pub in our neighbour town. Since I'm working this weekend, I passed on more partying. LOL!

Solveig who's moving (LPN) and Fadumo (LPN assistant).

Bente (LPN), Ingeborg (nurse stud), Monika (nurse stud).

Hilde (nurse).

Ingeborg, Monika and Julianne (LPN).
~ MayK
PS. If anyone is wondering, I'm a nurse student too, one year behind Ingeborg and Monika.

Awww summer

In Norway, we don't have that long of a summer season, so you really need to enjoy it when you can. Often if it's nice in the south, it's cold up north. That's the case this year. Up north it's around 10C (50F). Where I live it's 30C (86F) in the sun. Actually, we have nicer weather than in Greece. Whoohoo. I feel bad for the people in up in the north, but last year it was the oppesite, so the chance is that next year we might get the bad weather, though, it's really as cold as it's up north.

Anyway, I finally got a new sunbed. I've been looking for one for a while now. But I didn't get one until I found one on sale that I liked. Got a table too, it's actually a kid's table but it works perfect next to the sun bed. Also, I placed it on the second floor veranda. I just looove my veranda. LOL!

We're having at least one more week with wonderful weather. I'm off from work next weekend + Monday, so I hope it's still nice then.

~ MayK

Friday, 25 July 2008

Template 1

Download the template HERE


The tut for True Blue is found HERE

~ MayK

Thursday, 24 July 2008

Legionnaires' disease

A few days ago, I read in the paper that three people from my hometown, Lunde, was hopitalised with Legionnaires' disease. Yesterday, I found out that I know two of them. One is my neighbour's daughter (who celebrated her 40th birthday) and the other woman is her friend, whom I went to school with (pre-school to 9th grade). The guy I don't know. The birthday had been celebrated at a school which had a jacuzzi, that's where they picked up the bacteria. They are pretty much well now, but it must have been scary to be told you have Legionnaires' disease, as it can be fatal.

More info about Legionnaires' disease HERE

~ MayK

New tuts - Summer Party, Tiki Hut and Aphrodite

I was looking at a tut and saw the PTU scrap kit that was used. Loved it and I had to buy it myself. Not tried the tut yet, but I will, however, I wrote my own tut using the kit for my tut Tiki Hut.

In a MSN group I'm in, there's Elias Chatzoudis week, so I wrote two tuts using his art.

My tuts are found HERE



Wednesday, 23 July 2008

I'm so baaaaaaaaaaaad

I was at work today and suddenly noticed the date for today - 23rd of July........and OMG, I forgot it's my dad's birthday today. I can't believe I forgot it! So I had to call from work to give dad his bday wishes from me. He already got his bday gifts when I got back from the US in the beginning of July, so that's probably one reason I forgot, I had already given him the pressies. But he was nice about it. LOL! And I'll give him a big hug when he and my mom get back from the caravan in Seljord. Mom forgot her purse so they will probably come earlier than they planned to.

~ MayK

Lion Cubs Live

Here you can watch Norway's latest two lion cubes LIVE.

Blah, the head line tricked me. It said "Lion cubs Live", but it's a 1m49s video tape.
I feel tricked..........................LOL!
Well, if they do come with a live feed like the zoo did with the other four cubs,
I'll update again.

Thursday, 17 July 2008

Amore and Skateboard Bling tuts

I've finished two more tuts. I'm hooked on Misfits Scrapz' templates. So this is what I used in these two tuts.
Love to see the results of my tuts in my tut group!

My tut group HERE

Skateboard Bling

Monday, 14 July 2008

Breast implants

I just read in the paper that almost 400,000 women in the US, had breast implants operated last year. If this trend continues, it's believed by 2015 every 5th American woman will have breast implants. Can you imagen the nursing homes in some decades, all those elderly women with breasts (implants) upto the "wazoo". LOL! Not only that, in 2007, Americans spent 13 billion dollars on plastic surgeries (numbers from ASPS). I don't have the European numbers, but I'm sure we're not that far behind. LOL!

Would you ever have plastic surgery, if so, what kind?
Myself, I have heavy eye lids (inheiretary on my mom's side of the family) and I'd love to fix those one day.If they get too heavy and are a medical nuancance, the Norwegian government will pay for your surgery. My mom had this a few years ago. I'm afraid mine are not considered a medical nuancance, just a personal one. LOL!

~ MayK

Sunday, 13 July 2008

Rush Hour 3

Well, I finally saw it on DVD last night and I was disappointed. Didn't laugh much. I guessed early on that one of the guys was a bad guy. Felt like much of it was deja vu, you saw some from the first and second movie being used in the third movie, but just changed a bit. If a fourth movie is to be made, they need a much, much better script.I love Jackie Chan but I'm only giving this movie 5 of 10 (5/10).

Saturday, 12 July 2008

Three new tuts

After I came home from my vacation, I have written three tuts.
You can find them in my group HERE.

Denim and Daisies


Calla Lilly Beauty


Friday, 11 July 2008

Update on my eye surgery

About a month ago, I had a LASIK surgery on my right eye, so I no longer need to wear glasses. I'm still a bit near sighted on my left eye, but it was decided not to operate on it, this way it will take longer time before I'll need reading glasses. Also, I only paid for one eye and that makes it soooo much cheaper. I had an appointment yesterday to check to see how it went. It all looks good and I don't need to check it any more unless I feel some changes has happened and need to consult them about it, etc.

I then went to my college to drop off some papers. In week 34, my internship/practice in the hospital will start (part of my nursing study). I will spend 9 weeks in Surgery 4 which is "stomach and instestines". I'm looking forward to it and I'm nervous about it. In spring semester, I will have another internship in the hospital, in the medical department. Where I don't know yet. Before the iternship you have fill out some papers for the hospital.

Then mom and I went to the mall in Porsgrunn. Mom got some table cloths and candles for my parent's caravan in Seljord. We discovered we had paid way too much, turns out two of the table cloths had become 22 table cloths. So we paid for 20 non-existing table cloths. LOL! The girl had to get her manager so she could give us our money back.

We had a nice lunch and then did some more shopping. For years I've wanted to buy a sun bed for my veranda and now I found one on sale. So I got it when I finally found one I liked that were on sale, I didn't want to buy one for full price. Found a really cheap glass table too. Whoohoo. Good thing I'm getting my pay check in a few days LOL!
I also had to send a text message to my friend Eldbjørg to make sure it was not really her I saw but her double. It was her double, she was home. LOL! Then we saw a double for our neighbour too. WOW!

We stopped by some other stores too, but didint get much, just a few knick knacks and I found a blouse on sale.

We also saw a car accident that had occured not long before we arrived. One car had rear ended another car. The car who had done the rear ending had a huge damages to its front and bonnet. The police was already there, and it looked like no major injuries. We met another police car going to the scene and an ambulance. When we were almost home, in Ulefoss, we saw two ambulances and an ambulance helicopter. Wonder what had happened, hopefully nothing serious. Looked in today's paper but so nothing about it.

After I got home, I got the new sun bed on my (2nd floor) veranda and I had a nap in it and later lay in it reading in my Star Trek book. It's nice and comfy.

~ MayK

Day trip to Sweden

Two days ago, I went to Sweden with my parents. We took the ferry from Langesund to Strömstad in Sweden. Going home we took another ferry from Strömstad to Sandefjord, Norway. I bought the tickets online, and the reason we ended up buying tickets from two different ferry companies was to get the best offers. New of the year was that on both ferries we have to pay a gas fee of NOK 25 or USD 5.00. This due to the high gas prices we have world wide. First time we had to pay anything like this.

Any way, the first ferry left 1030am, so we decided to leave 8am, we were a bit late and ended up leaving 810am. After 30 minutes of driving, dad suddenly remembered he had forgotten our printed ticked on the kitchen table and we had to turn around to get them. Losing so much time made us worried but we had no choice. Being late you of course run into all kind of things, I guess we got to exprience Murhy's Law: If anything can go wrong, it will. We ended up behind slow tractors and hard to pass them due to narrow roads or meeting traffic. Then one of the bridges in Porsgrunn was up due to a passing boat and we had to wait for it to pass. In Heistad, due to stress, we took a wrong turn and had to ask someone for directions on how to get back to the road to Langesund. Now we were really running out of time!!!!!!!!!! We managed to reach the ferry with 10-15 minutes to spare. Phew!!!

The ferry ride went smooth. It was the first time we took the ferry from Langesund, we usually take the one from Sandefjord. Took some pictures on board the ship and from Langesund coast area. On the boat, there's a tax free shop. We didn't buy any liquor, but dad bought some tobacco for a friend and I bought some candy.

We stopped briefly at a liquor store where my parents bought some wine. Liquor/wine is much cheaper in Sweden than in Norway. I got some more candy. We then drove to Nordby shopping center. Mom has been looking for a big mirror for a long time to put up in the dining area. Her sister bought one a few years ago and my mom love it too. Some times the shop didn't have the mirror when we were there, or we were on a bus trip and could not buy the mirror. So we hoped the shop had it now and we were in luck, the got that mirror last week. And they might not order any more. So mom bougth it for sure hoping it would fit in the car. LOL! I also got some fake orchid branches. A few of my orchids are not blossoming right now, so I want some fakes ones when this is happening. We had a nice dinner at the center. And then struggled like hell to get the mirror in the car. Dad has a Citroen C5 station wagon, but the box was a bit big to fit in the trunk. It ended up in the back seat with a tiny space for mom to sit. Could thing my mom is short and small. We had to move the driving seat a bit forward, therefore, it was too little leg room for dad. So for the rest the trip I drove instead of dad. We went then down to the big grocery store next to the shopping center. Much of its food is cheaper than in Norway. I made sure to buy buffolo wings, they're so much cheaper and taste good. LOL! Got some cosmetics items too.

In Strömstad we stopped at another grocery store and bought a few more things. Then we drove to the harbour to wait for the other ferry to take us home. We had some extra time, so we just relaxed in the harbour. Our car parked up in a line to get onboard the ferry, ended up behind another couple from Lunde (my home town). So we chit chatted with them. Also, at Nordby, I met a woman from work I spoke to briefly too. We got one of Colorline's bigger ferries home. Bought a little more candy and a memory card for my digital camera which was on sale. The ferry ride was pretty much smooth too but a bit more wavely.

The car ride home took about two hours. We got home 1am. I was so pooped then that I went straight to bed since I had to get up early the next morning.

~ MayK

The wake of the ferry and Langesund, Norway.

Coast line of Langesund

A light house along Langesund coast.

The rear end of the ferry with its outdoor café.

Me on the ferry's deck from Langesund. I so need my sunglasses LOL!

The harbour in Strömstad, Sweden

Thursday, 10 July 2008

Scraps (kit) TOU

Even though my TOU is on the scraps (or scrap kits), I thought I better post some in my blog too. If other tutorial writers want to use my scraps, they are more than welcome. However, do not upload the scraps to a share place, but link back to my blog and let people download the scraps from my share place. Thank you!

Monday, 7 July 2008

Lion Cubs

A year or two ago, the Norwegian zoo, Kristiansand Zoo, got their first lions - from Denmark I believe. Two brothers and two female lions.

A few weeks ago, one of the lionesses had four lion cubs; Nala, Lea, Kiara and Akira. And now the other lioness has given birth to two lion cubs. We're pretty excited about these two births.

You can see a short movie on the newest cubs HERE.

Live feed of the first cubs HERE.
I couldn't see the lions when I just looked, but you don't know when they'll show up. If the lights are turned off, it means it's night in Norway.


Saturday, 5 July 2008

Northland Arboretum Trails

Here's some pictures from the day I took I walk in the Arboretum in Brainerd, Minnesota.

One of the many pine and leaf trees in the Arboretum.

I didn't see any of the deers, but I saw their tracks.

One of the many bird boxes in the Arboretum.

Some wild flowers.

Table cloth

When I was in Minnesota, I made my friend Mary Jo a table cloth. She tried to stitch it herself, but the cross stitching gave her a head ache, so I did it for her. I did most of it and she did a little bit.

Here's MJ and her new table cloth.

Friday, 4 July 2008

Indiana Jones 4 and Wanted

I started to write a review on Indiana Jones when I was in MN, but I accidently closed the window, and poof, there went my posting bye bye.

Okay, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, the last of four movies, and I guess I can say this is the last one, especially with Harrison Ford. The man is over 60 years old, but he IS Indiana Jones, and still hot. LOL! The last movie had a lot of subtle hints to the first movie, and more which I won't say, and you can say the movie made a full circle. The end met the beginning or vice versa. I liked it and thought it was a good movie. I give it 8 of 10.

Wanted is an action movie with Angelina Jolie who had the female major role, but she is not the main character in the film, that's James McAvoy. I think he did an excellentjob, from being a nobody turned into an assassin. The movie has its preview in Norway Sept 12, so I got a head start of it. I loved the movie, awsome plot and awsome special effects. I'm actually gonna give a 10/10. If you like action movies, you have to see this one!

I'm back home

Well, my vacation went by so fast. Now I've been home 24 hours already. The flights home went well. The one from Amsterdam ended up being one hour late due that KLM had to change one of the tires on the plane. Then we had to wait for a new time slot for take off. But we got home. LOL! And I managed to get home with all my stuff. I had a bunch of books and DVDs waiting on me. Also a new Rebel XTi SLR camera. I saved a lot of money getting it in the US ( then buy it in Norway, plus the dollar is very weak at the moment - which is good for me. Though, one of my suitcases was overweight (over 5o lbs) so I had to pay a fee. Two years ago, NWA did not have this fee, but with the high gas prices that was one of the things the airline(s) introduced. Oh well............

I had a great time at my friend's Mary Jo's house. Though, it did not travel much this year on my vacation. Just stayed in Brainerd with my friend. It was more a quiet, relaxing holiday. And it was great to see my friend again, it was two years since last time I visited her. Also, MJ had to do some working when I was there, so I was on my own then. I drove her to work and I had her car for the day.

I did a lot of shopping. LOL! A lot of sales, even up 90% off. Found some really nice slacks and capris.I tried to find them in Norway but I was not able to find anyones that fit me well or I didn't like them. And I found some nice tops on sales. A lot of jewelry was on sale too. Got some for myself, some upcomming 40th birthday gifts, two necklaces and a ring for my mom (birthday and xmas gifts). Got dad two shorts and two belts + Country&Western CDs (birthday and xmas gifts for him too). Found a used book store and got a bunch of great books. Just got the bills..........yikes. There goes my summer money.

Visited some other friends in the area, missed seeing some too unfortunately. Went to the movies. Went on some picnics. Went to this park area, many go for walks there, in the winter there's cross country skiing tracks there. It's a very nice wooden area, took some pictures there. It was so hot and I was swetting like by the time I went home. LOL! I was supposed to go to Mall of America too but things didn't work out, so I missed it this time.

Also stitched a table cloth for MJ. I started it for her two years ago, last time I visited her. But the cross stitch is so small that she gets a head ache doing it. So I finished it for her. She did some of it herself and I did the rest.

She had some good mystery books too which I was able to read.

It's nice to go places but like the saying says...........HOME SWEET HOME!

~ MayK