Sunday, 27 July 2008

Awww summer

In Norway, we don't have that long of a summer season, so you really need to enjoy it when you can. Often if it's nice in the south, it's cold up north. That's the case this year. Up north it's around 10C (50F). Where I live it's 30C (86F) in the sun. Actually, we have nicer weather than in Greece. Whoohoo. I feel bad for the people in up in the north, but last year it was the oppesite, so the chance is that next year we might get the bad weather, though, it's really as cold as it's up north.

Anyway, I finally got a new sunbed. I've been looking for one for a while now. But I didn't get one until I found one on sale that I liked. Got a table too, it's actually a kid's table but it works perfect next to the sun bed. Also, I placed it on the second floor veranda. I just looove my veranda. LOL!

We're having at least one more week with wonderful weather. I'm off from work next weekend + Monday, so I hope it's still nice then.

~ MayK

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