Friday, 11 July 2008

Update on my eye surgery

About a month ago, I had a LASIK surgery on my right eye, so I no longer need to wear glasses. I'm still a bit near sighted on my left eye, but it was decided not to operate on it, this way it will take longer time before I'll need reading glasses. Also, I only paid for one eye and that makes it soooo much cheaper. I had an appointment yesterday to check to see how it went. It all looks good and I don't need to check it any more unless I feel some changes has happened and need to consult them about it, etc.

I then went to my college to drop off some papers. In week 34, my internship/practice in the hospital will start (part of my nursing study). I will spend 9 weeks in Surgery 4 which is "stomach and instestines". I'm looking forward to it and I'm nervous about it. In spring semester, I will have another internship in the hospital, in the medical department. Where I don't know yet. Before the iternship you have fill out some papers for the hospital.

Then mom and I went to the mall in Porsgrunn. Mom got some table cloths and candles for my parent's caravan in Seljord. We discovered we had paid way too much, turns out two of the table cloths had become 22 table cloths. So we paid for 20 non-existing table cloths. LOL! The girl had to get her manager so she could give us our money back.

We had a nice lunch and then did some more shopping. For years I've wanted to buy a sun bed for my veranda and now I found one on sale. So I got it when I finally found one I liked that were on sale, I didn't want to buy one for full price. Found a really cheap glass table too. Whoohoo. Good thing I'm getting my pay check in a few days LOL!
I also had to send a text message to my friend Eldbjørg to make sure it was not really her I saw but her double. It was her double, she was home. LOL! Then we saw a double for our neighbour too. WOW!

We stopped by some other stores too, but didint get much, just a few knick knacks and I found a blouse on sale.

We also saw a car accident that had occured not long before we arrived. One car had rear ended another car. The car who had done the rear ending had a huge damages to its front and bonnet. The police was already there, and it looked like no major injuries. We met another police car going to the scene and an ambulance. When we were almost home, in Ulefoss, we saw two ambulances and an ambulance helicopter. Wonder what had happened, hopefully nothing serious. Looked in today's paper but so nothing about it.

After I got home, I got the new sun bed on my (2nd floor) veranda and I had a nap in it and later lay in it reading in my Star Trek book. It's nice and comfy.

~ MayK

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