Sunday, 27 July 2008

A farewell party

A co-worker and a friend of mine is moving to the Stavanger area, so she had a farewell party yesterday. Solveig's husband got a job in Stavanger, so he has tried the job for three months to see if he liked the job and he did. So now Solveig and their kids are moving too. Solveig's last day at work (we work in a nursing home) is on 10th of Aug, so it's going fast now. She had a nice BBQ party (later we had some cheese and fruit) with some light drinking LOL. I took it easy since I'm working the evening tonight. Though, I did have a bit of her strawberry coctail, it was so good. It contained a white wine and Mozell (kind of like a non-alcohol cider), so I didn't get much alcohol in my system. We had a wonderful time eating, talking and a lot of laughing. I went home at 1am, some of the other ladies went to a pub in our neighbour town. Since I'm working this weekend, I passed on more partying. LOL!

Solveig who's moving (LPN) and Fadumo (LPN assistant).

Bente (LPN), Ingeborg (nurse stud), Monika (nurse stud).

Hilde (nurse).

Ingeborg, Monika and Julianne (LPN).
~ MayK
PS. If anyone is wondering, I'm a nurse student too, one year behind Ingeborg and Monika.

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