Friday, 1 August 2008

Solar Eclipse

Today, Norway had its first solar eclipse since 1954. A lady came to work with a dark welder's glass for us at work and patients to look at the sun. I did see it when it was almost over, but I did see the moon a bit in front of the sun. Southern Norway had only a partial solar eclipse where I live, however, up in Svalbard (island north east of Norway) or Kvitnes island just east of Svalbard, had a full solar eclipse. So southern Norway had a 50% solar eclipse, north Norway 80% and almost full on Svalbard. I saw it when it was only a 25% eclipse. The picture (by Stig Foss) I got from a newspaper showing the eclipse on Svalbard. The eclipse could also been seen in Novosibirsk, Russia, where thousands of tourists had travelled to see it too. Next eclipse in Norway won't be until 2015.

More pictures HERE.
I saw the same as the one taken in Skien (second picture), a city about 40 minutes away from me.

~ MayK

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