Monday, 18 August 2008

First day

I had my first day at the hospital today. I'm having a 9 week long internship as a nurse student. I'm going to be at Surgery 4 which is stomach and intestines. However, my first week is at third floor, which is two days in surgery, two days in intensive and probably one day at pre op.

So today was my first day at surgery. It was very exciting, so much to see and learn. Too many impressions LOL. I saw four surgeries. It was day surgeries, so the patients are not spending the night. I saw two foot surgeries, one shoulder surgery and one arthroscopic knee surgery, it was cool to see the camera inside the knee and the doctor shaving inside the knee. The fifth surgery got cancelled, which was a hand surgery.

One patient also let my practice doing an IV (peripheral IV). Information on IVs HERE. She had a sister, a nurse, who had practiced on her many times, and getting IVs didn't bother her. I got to do one when she was "sleeping" while the doctor was operating on her foot. It was nice to have a sleeping patient, didn't have to worry about her. Just the nurse watching me. It was 98% perfect. I got it straight in and aspirated blood straight away. When I put NaCl in the IV, it was perfect, I had not perforated the vein and no leaking. When I was done and taping the IV to the hand, then my hands started to shake. But the worst was done then, so I'm happy it happened after I was done and not before. LOL!

When I got home I was so tired. The sun was shining, so I took a nap in my sun bed on my veranda. It was so nice, but I woke up with a head ache. LOL!

Another exciting day tomorrow...........;)

~ MayK


Sharon said...

Great job on the IV, MayK!! Congrats and the rest of the week will just fly by!

Sassy said...

WOW MayK.......totally awesome sweetie.....fabulous job....

I wish you all the best with your time spent at the hospital.

WTG g/f


antiheadu said...

WooHoo Mayk!!! I remember how excited and nervous I was to do my first IV!!!!!
Hope you enjoy all of your time at the hospital!!!

Roxanne said...

Way to go, MayK!!!