Wednesday, 20 August 2008


Driving to the hospital today, I suddenly saw something in the left side of the road. After a sec, I realised I was looking into a moose butt. I hit the brakes and drove very slowely behind him. He could not decide what to do, he went over to my side, then looked left and right and weaved in the road. He finally decided for the left side ditch with some trees and bushes, right side had a mountain side. So he jumped into the ditch and when I drove passed him, I looked into the ditch, there he was standing in between the bushes and looked back at me. LOL!

My big fear is to hit a moose, especially in the early morning when they are often out and about from the woods- this was before 6am. Hitting any kind of animal is terrible but mooses are so big to hit. The moose hunting starts soon too, and some mooses might leave the woods to get away from the hunters and that makes it even more dangerous driving around countryside roads.

~ MayK

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