Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Update on Legionnaires Disease

In July, I told you about my two people I know got sick from Legionnaires Disease, read about it HERE.

Here's an update. My neigbour's daughter got hit hard. She's only work around 50% 'cos her lung effect is still only 50%. When she got to the hospital, she was so sick, that she was not able to tell much why she was sick, and when the doctors x-rayed her lungs, the taught they were full of lung cancer, so treatment was started late for Legionnaires D. because of that. Her friend, my old class mate, was mistaken for urinal infection, since her kidneys were hurting, so her treatment got started a bit late too. One guy was not as sick, a second guy I didn't mention in my first post, was able to tell what he had done lately and about the jacuzzi, so he got started early on a treatment for Legionnaires D.

I hope they since they are young people, they won't get long term effects from being sick.

~ MayK

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