Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Day two

Yesterday I saw the anestetic part of surgeries, today, I saw more of the operation part. I saw how operation nurses work, how they set up the surgery. I paid good attention to sterile and non-sterile procedures. I saw three operations, all made by arthroscopy (arthroscopic surgery). The camera is in by your naval, then usually another three holes for rest of the equipments. One of them cuts or burns organ parts. First surgery was a* ... well, in Norwegian it's called a stomi, have not found the English word for it. It's where you cut the colon in two and lower part is closed and the other part from the stomach is taken out on the outside to - layman's term: poop in a bag. The next two surgeries where gall bladder removal. Both women got their gall bladder's removed via the naval (butt).

Interesting how you can have a surgery through four wholes in your stomach. And how little blood there is. A great way to make a surgery without too much fuss. The first gall bladder patient actually got to go home the same day as her surgery.

Now I also know why surgeries can be late. Waiting for anestesia doctors, then waiting for the surgons, etc.

Two very interesting days.

~ MayK

Update: * the first surgery is called a colostomy, and you were a colostomy bag after surgery. Thanks for letting me know, Kc!

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KcsBrat said...

Mayk We cal,l that operation a colostomy.. afterwards ya wearing a colostomy bag...

I am gla your having fun learning.. Nursing is a gr8 profession..
Hugs Kc