Monday, 14 July 2008

Breast implants

I just read in the paper that almost 400,000 women in the US, had breast implants operated last year. If this trend continues, it's believed by 2015 every 5th American woman will have breast implants. Can you imagen the nursing homes in some decades, all those elderly women with breasts (implants) upto the "wazoo". LOL! Not only that, in 2007, Americans spent 13 billion dollars on plastic surgeries (numbers from ASPS). I don't have the European numbers, but I'm sure we're not that far behind. LOL!

Would you ever have plastic surgery, if so, what kind?
Myself, I have heavy eye lids (inheiretary on my mom's side of the family) and I'd love to fix those one day.If they get too heavy and are a medical nuancance, the Norwegian government will pay for your surgery. My mom had this a few years ago. I'm afraid mine are not considered a medical nuancance, just a personal one. LOL!

~ MayK

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