Friday, 4 July 2008

I'm back home

Well, my vacation went by so fast. Now I've been home 24 hours already. The flights home went well. The one from Amsterdam ended up being one hour late due that KLM had to change one of the tires on the plane. Then we had to wait for a new time slot for take off. But we got home. LOL! And I managed to get home with all my stuff. I had a bunch of books and DVDs waiting on me. Also a new Rebel XTi SLR camera. I saved a lot of money getting it in the US ( then buy it in Norway, plus the dollar is very weak at the moment - which is good for me. Though, one of my suitcases was overweight (over 5o lbs) so I had to pay a fee. Two years ago, NWA did not have this fee, but with the high gas prices that was one of the things the airline(s) introduced. Oh well............

I had a great time at my friend's Mary Jo's house. Though, it did not travel much this year on my vacation. Just stayed in Brainerd with my friend. It was more a quiet, relaxing holiday. And it was great to see my friend again, it was two years since last time I visited her. Also, MJ had to do some working when I was there, so I was on my own then. I drove her to work and I had her car for the day.

I did a lot of shopping. LOL! A lot of sales, even up 90% off. Found some really nice slacks and capris.I tried to find them in Norway but I was not able to find anyones that fit me well or I didn't like them. And I found some nice tops on sales. A lot of jewelry was on sale too. Got some for myself, some upcomming 40th birthday gifts, two necklaces and a ring for my mom (birthday and xmas gifts). Got dad two shorts and two belts + Country&Western CDs (birthday and xmas gifts for him too). Found a used book store and got a bunch of great books. Just got the bills..........yikes. There goes my summer money.

Visited some other friends in the area, missed seeing some too unfortunately. Went to the movies. Went on some picnics. Went to this park area, many go for walks there, in the winter there's cross country skiing tracks there. It's a very nice wooden area, took some pictures there. It was so hot and I was swetting like by the time I went home. LOL! I was supposed to go to Mall of America too but things didn't work out, so I missed it this time.

Also stitched a table cloth for MJ. I started it for her two years ago, last time I visited her. But the cross stitch is so small that she gets a head ache doing it. So I finished it for her. She did some of it herself and I did the rest.

She had some good mystery books too which I was able to read.

It's nice to go places but like the saying says...........HOME SWEET HOME!

~ MayK

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