Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Hello from Minnesota

Well, it's my third day in Brainerd. It's great to see my friend again. And been out shopping for two days, yikes, my vacation has barely started LOL! Kohl's and Herberger's are having great sales, JC Penny has a sale 'cos they are moving locations. If I didn't bring an empty suitcase, I would have gotten a great deal on new suitcases. I've bought Capris, slacks, sweaters at 50-90% off, so great deals. Got some jewelry too, some I will keep and some I'll give away for birthdays, etc. Every time I come to the US, I find so much more cloths I like that fit me well then back home. I gave up finding dress capris and here I got two pairs. Whoohoo. And I got one pair that was too big for my friend - she has lost some weight lately. I got this outfit back in May I needed some very nice slacks or capris, I tried on at least 10-15 pairs, none I liked, if they were too thight in legs, the waist got too big, etc. Now I have nice slacks and capris that I can use for that outfit. What a deal! LOL!

Before I left Norway, I got two Canon cameras from Amazon. The Powershot A720 is a combined birthday gift for mom and dad, of course it was missing its ENGLISH instruction manual, it only had the Spanish one. Geez! Just got off with Canon on their 1-800 number and they are sending me a new manual. Then my Canon 400D will not show in the LCD screen, only a white background and its information, but not showing what I'm taking pictures of. The camera works perfectly except that. I'm going to go to Best Buy in town and ask them if I need to change some settings to see in the LCD screen, if not, I have to check with Amazon. I hope I don't have to return it 'cos I worry I won't get it back or a new camera before I go home. Then my new camera have to stay at my friend's house until I visit her or she visits me. Wish my luck that it's just a small thing to fix and I don't have to send it back to Amazon. I took a chance buying over Amazon 'cos it's so much cheaper than back home, I save over 50% getting it here, due to low price and the dollar is so low compared to the Norwegian krone.

Okay I'm off. We're going to my friend's work picnic in a few minutes.
Have a good day!
~ MayK

UPDATE: There's nothing wrong with my camera. SLRs do not show the imags in the window screen like "point and shoot" cameras. It only show pictures after you take the picture. Did not know that LOL!

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