Sunday, 15 June 2008

Butterflies in my stomach

Well in 4 1/2 hours I will go to the airport Torp in Sandefjord. My flight leaves 6:25am and the airport opens 4:30am, but they're some road work on the high way so we have to leave a bit early. Don't think I'm going to bother go to bed, it's already 10:30pm, and I got back from work 30 minutes ago. Will probably just take a nap in my lazy boy chairs. I will switch planes in Amsterdam, Holland. Then straight for Minneapolis.

I'm not afraid of flying but you're always happy when you land at your destination. I will go to Minnesota, USA, to visit my friend Mary Jo. I've known her for 13 years and it's two years since last time I saw her/visited her. It will be great to see her again. I have other friends around the US too but I don't think I'll be able to visit them this time. The dollar is low compared to the Norwegian krone but the tickets are more expensive due to airplane gas prices are high. We'll see how it goes.

MJ has internet, so I'll pop in and let you know how my vacation is going along. I'm just happy to relax and not get any calls from work. I'll visit MJ for 17 days. Then I have 9 more days left of my vacation when I get home. The rest of the summer I'll work at the nursing home.

Well, next time I post here, I'll be in the US.
Have great day!


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