Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Photos, photos, photos...........

Getting a digital camera is great.
You take all the pictures you want
and then check them out on your computer.
Keep what you want, edit them, do what you want.
But then they stay on your computer, and stay and stay............
I got my first digital camera fall 2003
and I have not developed any of my pictures since then.
Until now.
I finally grabbed myself in my butt
and developed over 800 pictures.
Cost me a fortune LOL!
So now I have my latest vacation pictures developed
and a few other pictures.
Now, I just have to do the next thing,
put them in albums.
I also buy postcards when I'm on vacations
and I like to post them in between my photos.
So I have dug out the postcards too.
Not only I have to put my pictures in,
I have to find out where the postcards go,
in between the photos.
You'll know what I'll be doing the next few days.
Then on Monday, I go on vacation to the US (Minnesota)
and take more pictures.



LCisLIS said...

Hi MayK - Very cool that you have a Blog. Have always LOVED your vacation photos - you're a very good photographer. I am kinda the same way with photos; they stay on computer LOL And I do the SAME thing with Postcards! lol

Not sure how often I will pop in to "see" you ... I'm such a dweeb with this blog stuff; I haven't a clue what the heck I'm doing.

(LexiPup or LC)

MayK's Creations said...

Hi LexiPup!
Thanks for your comment. Looks like to me you did great adding a comment in my blog. Stop by any time you have chance. And don't forget to say hello or leave a comment. I don't know much about blogs myself, but I'm slowely learning how to do things.Hugs MayK