Monday, 12 January 2009

Have you seen the moon lately???


Have you seen the moon lately? I'm just not talking about the full moon but the fact that the moon is so close to the earth. In matter in fact, the moon is now as close as it ever will be to Earth in the year 2009. I think I read in the newspaper that the moon is 50,000 km closer than it normally is, therefore, looking so big.

I forgot to take pictures of it on Saturday, but I did on Sunday. It was a bit hard though 'cos it was so cloudy and I had to wait for the moon to peak out from the clouds to get the pictures. Posting my pictures bellow to see. The pictures are taken with my Canon Rebel XTi (400D) and 75-300 mm lens.

~ MayK


Sophisticat Simone said...

Yes, it's just gorgeous and huge.
It's beautiful on this side of the world too, lol
Hugssss and thanks for sharing your pics.

Crazycatlaydee said...

I LOVE the moon!! I like to try & take pictures of it too lol -- my pictures are nowhere near as good as yours though!!
Thanks for showing us! huggies xoxo