Monday, 6 October 2008


Two weeks ago, when my nose was still plugged up from my cold and my sense of smell was small, I re-filled my car's windshield washer fluid, I have two fluid containers. I filled one, then when filled my second one I had to find another gallon fluid bottle, I did find the colour of the washing fluid different, it was green instead of blue and it smelled a bit strong. Then the week after when I got my smell back and used my windshield wipers, my whole car smelled like gasoline. I was "what the heck!!" And today, when using them again, I had to open my window, it smelled so badly gasoline. When I got home, I opened the washer fluid bottle and smelled it, gasoline. I had my mom smell it too and she agreed. So I took the bottle to my local gas station, and they said it smelled like diesel!!! So one of the guys helped me, put a waterhose down the container and flushed out the diesel. Then he washed my car bonnet, windshield, windshield wipers and car roof. Bought a new bottle of windshield washer fluid. I talked to dad when I got home, he could not understand it had diesel in it, he had not filled diesel on an empty fluid bottle. I'll go to the gas station that sells this brand and we'll see what happens then.

It really pisses my off that all this happened.
~ MayK

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