Saturday, 18 October 2008


I just bought my own domain to host my tutorials. MSN is closing down and I looked and looked around to find where to host my tutorials. I found nothing I liked until I found freeweb. However, it was too small to host my tuts, so I checked their prices and terms. I didn't like it. I'm a member of TWI so I checked their bandwidth thread and one member there recommanded, it's a Danish webhotell and they have support in my native language - Norwegian, and they were CHEAP compared to others. I'm on their smallest package and we'll see from there how it goes. And best of all the name I wanted was not taken.

So as soon as I get things up and running, I will tell you the address to my brand new tutorial site!!!

Oh, I'm so exited. I do hope I'm able to do all this myself. They have templates, so I have to use that, I'm not that good at HTML yet. LOL!

Wish me luck!
~ MayK

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