Sunday, 31 August 2008

New tut - Steppin' Out

Well, I'm on a row.Got some extra time on my hands and one tut is popping out after another. I got the mojo - whoo hoo! LOL! Have fun!

And I love to see what you create either in my tut group or send me an email with your tag. Thanks!

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New beginner tut

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I made a pretty easy tag for some friends.When a lady in my tut group asked for some beginner tuts, I decided to write this tut. Shouldn't be too hard to follow.

The tut is found HERE

Saturday, 30 August 2008

Template 12

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Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Template 11

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Tutorial HERE
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Template 10

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Sunday, 24 August 2008

Template 9

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Saturday, 23 August 2008

We got another gold and one silver

Andreas got another gold medal in javelin men, he got one in Athens four years ago, so we are exited!!! And he got a new olympic record of 90,57m.

And Nina got a silver in Tae Kwon Do women. She lost to the world champion from Mexico, but that's okay. She still did great!

We have 3 gold - 5 silver - 3 bronze
Not bad for a big winter sport nation.
Whoo hoo!!


We won the gold!!!!

Finally, Norway has won the Olympic gold medal in women's handball. Norway has all kinds of gold medals but not the Olympic gold, but now we do - whoo hoo!!!

We beat Russia by 7 goals and Norway controlled the whole match!! We're such a happy nation now!!!!

Norway has the chance for two more medals. Nina Solheim is in the finale for women +67kg Tae Kwon Do. And Andreas Thorkildsen has a chance for a medal in javelin, he got the gold in Athens four years ago.

~ MayK

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Template 8

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Driving to the hospital today, I suddenly saw something in the left side of the road. After a sec, I realised I was looking into a moose butt. I hit the brakes and drove very slowely behind him. He could not decide what to do, he went over to my side, then looked left and right and weaved in the road. He finally decided for the left side ditch with some trees and bushes, right side had a mountain side. So he jumped into the ditch and when I drove passed him, I looked into the ditch, there he was standing in between the bushes and looked back at me. LOL!

My big fear is to hit a moose, especially in the early morning when they are often out and about from the woods- this was before 6am. Hitting any kind of animal is terrible but mooses are so big to hit. The moose hunting starts soon too, and some mooses might leave the woods to get away from the hunters and that makes it even more dangerous driving around countryside roads.

~ MayK

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Day two

Yesterday I saw the anestetic part of surgeries, today, I saw more of the operation part. I saw how operation nurses work, how they set up the surgery. I paid good attention to sterile and non-sterile procedures. I saw three operations, all made by arthroscopy (arthroscopic surgery). The camera is in by your naval, then usually another three holes for rest of the equipments. One of them cuts or burns organ parts. First surgery was a* ... well, in Norwegian it's called a stomi, have not found the English word for it. It's where you cut the colon in two and lower part is closed and the other part from the stomach is taken out on the outside to - layman's term: poop in a bag. The next two surgeries where gall bladder removal. Both women got their gall bladder's removed via the naval (butt).

Interesting how you can have a surgery through four wholes in your stomach. And how little blood there is. A great way to make a surgery without too much fuss. The first gall bladder patient actually got to go home the same day as her surgery.

Now I also know why surgeries can be late. Waiting for anestesia doctors, then waiting for the surgons, etc.

Two very interesting days.

~ MayK

Update: * the first surgery is called a colostomy, and you were a colostomy bag after surgery. Thanks for letting me know, Kc!

Monday, 18 August 2008

First day

I had my first day at the hospital today. I'm having a 9 week long internship as a nurse student. I'm going to be at Surgery 4 which is stomach and intestines. However, my first week is at third floor, which is two days in surgery, two days in intensive and probably one day at pre op.

So today was my first day at surgery. It was very exciting, so much to see and learn. Too many impressions LOL. I saw four surgeries. It was day surgeries, so the patients are not spending the night. I saw two foot surgeries, one shoulder surgery and one arthroscopic knee surgery, it was cool to see the camera inside the knee and the doctor shaving inside the knee. The fifth surgery got cancelled, which was a hand surgery.

One patient also let my practice doing an IV (peripheral IV). Information on IVs HERE. She had a sister, a nurse, who had practiced on her many times, and getting IVs didn't bother her. I got to do one when she was "sleeping" while the doctor was operating on her foot. It was nice to have a sleeping patient, didn't have to worry about her. Just the nurse watching me. It was 98% perfect. I got it straight in and aspirated blood straight away. When I put NaCl in the IV, it was perfect, I had not perforated the vein and no leaking. When I was done and taping the IV to the hand, then my hands started to shake. But the worst was done then, so I'm happy it happened after I was done and not before. LOL!

When I got home I was so tired. The sun was shining, so I took a nap in my sun bed on my veranda. It was so nice, but I woke up with a head ache. LOL!

Another exciting day tomorrow...........;)

~ MayK

Sunday, 17 August 2008

Whoo hoo, I won another word

I've received another award from my good friend Simone. You can find her blog at Scrappy Bit of Fun. She has a lot of goddies for PSP addicts.

So to the rules of the awardPass this on to 4 of your most trusted friends blogs,then post on their blogs to let them know about the reward. For now I have passed my award to

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Friday, 15 August 2008

I won an award!

Thank you so much to Simone, from Scrappy Bit of Fun, to grant me this award. Very sweet of you!

It says I have to pass it on to 7 other blogs, but there's so many who have received it already. So I'll have to look around before passing the award to someone else.

To be continued..................

~ MayK


1. Gail -

Template 7

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Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Added a slide show

I added a slide show to show off tags from my tutorials. I added the slide show at the bottom of my blog. If you like my tags and would like to try my tuts, you can find them at my tutorial group - MayK's Tutorials.

~ MayK

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

I've been tagged

I have been tagged by Simone of Scrappy Bit Of Fun.
Simone is a wonderful tagger, tut writer and scrap maker.
Love your blog, hun!
I cannot believe how many people have visited your blog since you opened it.

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7 facts about me:
1 I was tagged today by cat woman.
2 I clean poop for a living.
3 I'm a huge sci fi fan - almost anything goes.
4 I grew up with only one TV station!!!
5 I'm into Orchids and try my best not to kill mine.
6 I'm a decendent of King Harold I of Norway- 10th century.
7 I can bend the tip of my left little finger pretty far back.

People I am tagging:
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Monday, 11 August 2008

New tut - Dream

The tut for Dream is found HERE

Template 6

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Template 5

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Thursday, 7 August 2008

Template 4

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The tut Summer is found HERE.

~ MayK

Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Weekend trip to Rosendal

This weekend, I went on a mini vacation with my parents. I live in the east coast of Norway, so we drove over the mountain to the west coast. We went to Røldal, Odda and Rosendal. We stopped on top of the moutain and ate at Haukli Fjellsenter. This place has several houses, a place to eat and many rooms for rent, etc. A lot of hiking and fishing in that area. Going over the mountain, there's a stretch of the road that had escorted convoy because the tunnel is being repaired. The side road you take is very narrow and not good to meet traffic there, especially two big trucks. Going to Røldal, we didn't wait too long in the queue. But going home we missed the convoy by just a few minutes, saw the rear end of it leaving, so we had to wait 5o minutes before it was our side to go again. We saw a lot just in two days. We came to Røldal before 2pm, took pictures of the stave church. This one is not that pretty, no dragon heads. The stave church - Heddal Stavkyrkje - in my state, Telemark, is much prettier. I think it's the largest one too, of the few 20+ stave churches that are left. You can read about it HERE and HERE (in Norwegian, but has pictures). As you can see from the picture, a much larger and prettier church than the one we saw in Røldal. Heddal stavkyrkje is from 1250, the same is the one in Røldal, info HERE (in Norwegian, but has pictures). We then drove to Odda. Didn't have a very long stop, before we went Rosendal, where we rented a cabin, with a ocean view, and the next day we went to Baroniet Rosendal, info and pictures HERE. The rose garden HERE, we were a bit late for the most beautiful blooming. On the way back, we stopped in Odda again. Mom and I went on a hike to Folke Fonna in Odda, since dad was waiting in the car, it was only a one hour hike, a lot of uphill. But we never got to Fonna, it was too far away. And by the time we got down to the car it started to rain, so a good thing we turned around when we did. We stopped here and there for pictures. Taking pictures of waterfalls, etc. We also stopped at Haukli Fjellsenter for some good food again. Almost at home we saw a moose.

~ MayK

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A view from Haukli Fjellsenter, and a lavvo (samii/lapp tent). On the lake, waterplanes would land too, I saw one land and take off.

The restaurant part of Haukli Fjellsenter

A waterfall over Haukli.
Røldal Stave Church.

The road leaving Røldal up and over to Odda. The road twists and turns, a lot of building along it, new cabins, etc.

A very famous waterfall, Låtafossen, a lot of tourists looking and taking pictures. More pictures from it further down.

The harbour in Odda.

The cabin we rented, we had the one second door from the left.

The view from our cabin room.

Another waterfall, water going under the road.

Baroniet Rosendal, the entrance, we did't pay to go inside.

A small creek, next to the restrooms.

The side of Baroniet and the rose garden.

One of the roses, taken with my small camera.

I went to get my Canon Rebel camera, takes much prettier pictures, and it had stopped raining.

The garden has four patterns and flowers planted in the patterens, you can see them on Baroniet's home page, there's one small picture of the patterns.

Taken with my small camera, my big camera hidden under my jacket. LOL.

The harbour in Rosendal.

On the hike, Odda in the background.

More from the hike.

Can barely see a factory in Odda.

Some pretty flowers along the hike.

This is as far as we went. Mom went a bit further, but just saw the trail going on and on........


A tiny waterfall/river along the trail.

Back to Låtafossen waterfalls again. The picture above of me, I was standing in front of the left waterfall.

Røldal stave church

Almost at home, we saw a moose. Unfortunately, I didn't have time to change to my big lense.

Update on Legionnaires Disease

In July, I told you about my two people I know got sick from Legionnaires Disease, read about it HERE.

Here's an update. My neigbour's daughter got hit hard. She's only work around 50% 'cos her lung effect is still only 50%. When she got to the hospital, she was so sick, that she was not able to tell much why she was sick, and when the doctors x-rayed her lungs, the taught they were full of lung cancer, so treatment was started late for Legionnaires D. because of that. Her friend, my old class mate, was mistaken for urinal infection, since her kidneys were hurting, so her treatment got started a bit late too. One guy was not as sick, a second guy I didn't mention in my first post, was able to tell what he had done lately and about the jacuzzi, so he got started early on a treatment for Legionnaires D.

I hope they since they are young people, they won't get long term effects from being sick.

~ MayK

Monday, 4 August 2008

Template 3

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Friday, 1 August 2008

Template 2

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